EMBRACE: Creativity Reignited

Are you stuck in the day to day busy-ness of work with little time for your creative pursuits?

Have you fallen out of love with your art?

Are you frustrated that other areas of your life are crowding your creative side?

Do you feel your creativity is not where it used to be?

Then this 4 week, Creativity Reignited program is for you.

This program will help you get back your passion for your art. It will set your creativity alight and have you back at your creative peak. It will provide solutions to maintaining your creativity and staying on track with your creative pursuits.

To bring your art and creativity back into focus with this 4 week program:

GROW: Seed to Sprout

Do you have an idea to turn your creative pursuits into a business?

Are you ready to start making money from your art?

Do you feel called to turn your creative hobby into a side hustle with a long term view of turning it into your career?

Are you in need of support, direction and focus to turn your creative dreams into your day to day reality?

Then this 12 week, Seed to Sprout program is for you.

This program will set up a course of action for launching your idea into a business. It will assist in growing your art while working out the finer details of running a business. It will help you to see and seize opportunities to profit from your art and show you how you can turn your creative side into a profitable business and have you living your artistic dreams.

To take the next step and begin to make money from your art in this 12 week program, CONTACT me.

SHARE: Be Known

Are you ready for your art to reach a wider audience?

Do you wonder how to get your name out as the expert in your creative field?

Is your artistic business ready for growth?

Do you wish to raise your art to a higher standard?

Then this 8 week, Be Known program is for you.

This program will facilitate you in developing strategies to reach more people with your art and your business. It will outline a course of action for growth at a personal and artistic level. It will assess and identity where your business can grow and the opportunities in the market you can take advantage of in order to expand.

To expand your current situation and reach a wider audience in this 8 week program, CONTACT me.


Feeling frustrated by a lack of progress?

Unsure which artistic direction to take?

I can tailor a program to suit your needs, whatever your objective is, I can facilitate you in achieving your goals. Whether you need clarity, focus, strategies to overcome obstacles or assistance in finding solutions. CONTACT me to discuss further how I can help you with your creative pursuits.

If you are still unsure whether coaching can be of assistance to you, I offer a half hour complimentary strategy session so you can experience it for yourself. In this session we will identity a goal you would like to work on, assess your current situation and develop a plan of action to accomplish your goal. CONTACT me to take advantage of this offer.

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