Elissa Johnston has always had an interest in personal development and growth and was reading motivational books in her later years of school and added motivational CD’s during her university years. This passion continues today with a growing bookshelf covering all areas of personal development along with artistic and creative living and listening to motivational and thought provoking podcasts each week.

In addition to her passion in personal growth and development, Elissa enjoys using her creative side and partnering it with her artistic ability as a writer. Writing was another passion discovered as a child and has been nurtured and grown ever since. With several manuscripts behind her, Elissa has completed a new manuscript which she has identified as her breakthrough piece and is currently in the process of pitching for publication.

In her writing BLOG, Elissa writes about the creative process and her artistic side as well as posting her popular Sunday Mediation. A weekly reflection covering a single topic and encouraging others to ponder about their own week and how they can continue to reflect on themselves and improve their lives.

After learning about coaching, Elissa explored it as an option for her own creative path, and having benefitted as a client, Elissa decided to start her own coaching business along with undertaking a Certificate IV in Life Coaching. It was an ideal fit to marry her passion for personal growth and development and her desire to help others to reach their own potential, particularly within the creative arts. Because of her background as a writer she is able to understand the creative and artistic processes in a way other coaches cannot and has successfully carved out her niche as a coach in the creative arts. Whether a painter, photographer, writer, dancer, musician or any other artistic endeavour, Elissa is able to partner with you to bring your art to a wider audience, make a profit and turn it into a successful and lucrative business.

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